Virtual Product Assess­ment


Devel­op­ment and Engi­neering of High Perfor­mance Compo­nents is often char­ac­ter­ized with uncer­tain­ties regarding dura­bility assess­ment for expected product life and avoid­ance of Overengi­neering & Mistuning is crucial. 


Deci­sion-Support System for compo­nent-respon­sible Engi­neers to enhance the product devel­op­ment using AI, engi­neering-based methods based on devel­op­ment data (simu­la­tion, testing etc.), knowl­edge-based systems and field process data.



  • Data-driven Deci­sion-Support based on damage predi­cion
  • Shorter Time-to-Market Cycles
  • Reduced testing and simu­la­tion effort

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