Predic­tive Main­te­nance


Unex­pected down­time of crucial compo­nents and machinery leads to huge costs and oper­a­tional prob­lems


innoSEP’s approach of data training is based on long-term histor­ical data, tran­sient sensor data and phys­ical multi-domain modeling and detects required damage char­ac­ter­is­tics for accu­rate RUL-Esti­ma­tions



  • Contin­uous „Remaining-Useful-Life“-Estimations of in-service compo­nents
  • Knowl­edge-Discovery about damage char­ac­ter­is­tics and system behavior
  • Guid­ance and recom­men­da­tion for Main­te­nance to increase overall availi­bility

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