Structural Health Monitoring – the global long-term-monitoring of offshore wind turbines

In the offshore wind energy sector, so-called "Structural Health Monitoring Systems" are being developed and implemented for the efficient operation of a wind park. These systems are primarily used for the "structural dynamics" and global long-term monitoring of the essential components (supporting structure, rotor blade, grout joint and stress analysis) of several wind turbine systems (approx. 10%). The focus, unlike already existing control systems with regard to energy production, efficiency etc., is on the structural and technical consideration and evaluation. One of the main reasons for the monitoring is the high costs caused by the more difficult accessibility of offshore wind turbines in the event of a failure or a downtime. Real-time monitoring also ensures that operating and environmental conditions are taken into account, hazardous exceeding of limit values are recorded and status changes can be recognized at an early stage. In addition, the wind power systems can be technically characterized by an in-depth analysis so that the operation of the wind park and the development of the wind turbine can be optimized and the high costs in the offshore industry can be reduced through condition-oriented and predictive maintenance. In addition, the objective is to extend the service life and operating time beyond the typical 20 years.  

Our 3-level model can be implemented very well within the framework of the SHM concept. As a special feature it should be mentioned that the "first" level, the processing of measured data, fulfills the requirements for the certification of the construction supervision according to BSH standard.

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